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Basic Guide For Installing Cracked Software's


Apr 10, 2017
Many users face issue while installing cracked software's and in most cases the issue due to which software don't get activated is same. So i decided to write some general guide for installing cracked software's which will work in most cases. So before complaining that a crack/keygen/patch is not working make sure to read steps below and follow them every time you install a cracked software.

Most Important :- Read Installation Instruction if Provided.
  1. Disconnect Internet :- Most of the Software's Check for License Validation from Internet so this is the first and most important step, disconnect internet and software won't get a chance to verify license key for meanwhile.
  2. Disable Your Anti-Virus Protection :- Because Cracks made by various Crackers are illegal, nowadays, The developer of various software's contact Antivirus Companies to block the Cracks/Keygens/Patch. Various Antivirus show that "the file is containing virus" due to which users find software containing viruses due to which they are unable to proceed.
  3. Installl Software and don't launch it :- After Disconnecting Internet install software but remember not to open it , in most cases at end software's ask to launch program so make sure to untick it. In case program starts automatically close it using task manager.
  4. Applying Crack/Keygen/Patch :-
    1. Crack/Fix :- In case of Crack/Fixes we generally have to copy the content of crack to installation directory , so make sure to copy the crack content to installation directory.
    2. Keygen :- In case of Keygen either you have to firstly patch the software using patcher and then apply the keys generated through keygen to activate program or in some cases software gets activated directly with the keys provided by keygen. If patching is needed before using the keygen than read the 3.3 instruction mentioned below.
    3. Patch :- In case of patch it is very important to run patch with Run as Administrator as patcher modifies the program and in most cases it needs Admin Permissions for it. So make sure to run it as administrator.
  5. Host Modify/Firewall :- Well by following above steps you will probably get your software activated but if you enable internet you software might give you license verification error so that's why before enabling internet block the program from accessing internet by adding Inbound and Outbound Rules in Firewall and block its access.
    For adding rules to host all information will be provided in Installation instructions , if no instructions for adding rules to hosts file is provided then only block the program from accessing using Windows Firewall with advanced security.
  6. One More Situation :- Sometimes we have a software which are meant for using internet in that case we can't block its access to internet as it will become useless than , so in that case if you know which files are being used for verifying licensing then make those files Read Only so that Internet Cannot modify the details of license and also make the program's exe file Read Only .
    Note :- In some cases this trick might work and in cases might not work.
  7. Last Step before Starting Internet :- Don't be in a hurry to start internet, Firstly open your program and make sure that it's activated and working fine , so that if after enabling internet if it don't work than we can atlease assume that internet is affecting the program and we can try to figure out a solution for it.
  8. Enable Internet :- Well If everything works smoothly you are free to Start Internet And your software should not be affected by internet anymore.
All the above mentioned method will increase the probability of Cracked Software's Working however in some cases you might get disappointed as above mentioned methods might not work in some situations.

I tried my best to cover all the possible steps if i am missing any step feel free to let me know so that i can add it.

Thankyou :)
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