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Windows XP Pro SP2 x64 Elgujakviso Edition v.14.12.14 (24.02.2018) En

Mar 12, 2018

Language: En
Platform: x64 (64bit)
Developer: microsoft.com
Medicine: Not required (Freeware)
System requirements:

Minimum: 300 MHz, 128 MB RAM (some features may be limited);
Recommended: 500 MHz or more, 256 MB RAM or more.

The basis is the English original image:
en_win_xp_pro_x64_with_sp2_vl_x13-41611.iso (MSDN)

- Nothing has been removed from the system. The update is set to 12.2014. Integrated IE8.
-With added AHCI drivers (hard disk controllers) for the ability to install on modern motherboards and laptops.
-Integrated DirectX 9 (June 2010).
-Integrated sounds (vista). The system is tested for operability, stability and performance, it works stably.
-Installation of the system is manual, like the original, the key is registered and you do not need to enter it!

-The assembly is not designed to be installed on top of the old system!
-Install the assembly on a clean formatted drive from under DOS (BIOS)!





Image size: 697 MB.
CRC32: D636D6CE
MD5: 4EA7FDC9B18BD02960A4BED05D30DEC0
SHA-1: 8F52E25ACFA55154D3C50AEC4842C324ABAC59F4

Additional Information
Integrated AHCI MassStorage, and there are only original,
already obsolete drivers from Microsoft, therefore:
Required, for installation to have a driver on your system!

AHCI MassStorage driver versions:
AMD - 3.3.1540.33
Intel -
JMicron -
Marvell 61xx -
Marvell 91xx -
nForce -
SiS - 5.1.1039.3020
VIA - 5.1.7600.601

AHCI MassStorage v12.9.18;
DirectX 9.0c June 2010;
TCP / IP connections increased from 10 to 250;
Sounds Vista - sounds;
Vista Drive icon 6 in 1;
Themes are original Embedded, Royale (Energy Blue), Zune from MS;
The system is ready to use third-party themes.

Disabled is configured:
The invitation to familiarize with Windows XP is disabled;
Disabling error reporting;
A manual start of the Security Center service is configured;
Self-monitoring of the antivirus;
Local and Windows Firewall policies are disabled;
Automatic system update is disabled;
A response to the BSOD is configured (without rebooting);
Disconnected all messages about errors.

After installation, without configuring anything, the PC must restart!

Treatment procedure
The key is prescribed and you do not need to enter!
For those who want to install the system with their own key, this possibility also exists, during installation, delete and make their own!
If for some reason, you need a key, look in the Bonus folder in the Readme file!


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